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Pooman - Fun remix Pooman - Fun remix

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

good concept lack of substance

First off, This is not Trance! when you post your music please do so in the right category, this belongs in either electronica, or miscellaneous.

Now on the actual song, it was an interesting concept, good funny track through and through. It could easily be flushed out with a bit of work. you need more of a beat breakdown, as well as a shift to mix up the continuity. perhaps a synthy kind of interlude or the like. also if you throw a decent bassline in there it could really help things go a long way.

DubStepDox responds:

Thanks for the cnc, but i did what i could in 30 minutes. I'm still not that great at fl studio so i kinda get stuck on certain areas and miss import parts. Also i used trance cause i used a trancy super saw lol.

Butterflies ft. Easy Ez Butterflies ft. Easy Ez

Rated 5 / 5 stars

A little bit of bias from easy ez

Hey, this is Easy EZ here, just checking up on the start of my music career on newgrounds. Just wanting to say thank you to everyone who Voted, downloaded, listened, and commented on this track. Keep a look out for more Collaborative songs, and solo tracks from both myself, Av1tus, and ConsciousAutomation.

On this song in particular, I love strings, so that was a large part of my contributions, I never get tired of hearing them.

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